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NCAA rules two Cougar student-athletes ineligible
July 27, 2010

PULLMAN – The NCAA has ruled WSU student-athlete Dan Spitz ineligible for the first nine games of the 2010 season for violating the NCAA’s banned substance use policy.


Spitz, a redshirt sophomore defensive tackle on the Cougar football team, will be allowed to practice with the team throughout the season. Under the NCAA’s program, failure to comply with the policy results in the student-athlete being withheld from competition in all sports for a minimum of 365 days. Spitz will be eligible to compete for the Cougars when they host California, Nov. 6.


“Dan made a mistake and he is paying a very large … » More …

Grade inflation…here?
January 21, 2005

Universities are civilized places — meant to air those great debates often unspoken in less tolerant arenas. Yet nationwide, rumbling below the surface, lies a pent-up frustration ready to erupt with the mention of the question, “Do you think we have grade inflation?”Though most did not want to admit talking about the status of this problem at WSU, the question elicited an array of answers, none of them under 30 minutes, and always thoughtfully weighed with qualification and analysis.First, the good news. According to the website, produced by Duke professor Stuart Rojstaczer, WSU lies near the bottom in a survey of nearly 80 U.S. … » More …