Christmas trees

Purple needle eater threatens noble fir holiday boughs, trees

By Sylvia Kantor, College of Agricultural, Human & Natural Resource Sciences PUYALLUP, Wash. – Noble fir, the iconic tree of holiday greenery, is under attack by a disease known as purple needle eater. The mysterious disease attacks new growth, causing needles to turn purple and die. 

Secret to healthy Christmas trees revealed

PUYALLUP – As shoppers select Christmas trees, WSU plant pathologist and internationally recognized Christmas tree expert, Gary Chastagner, offers tips to keep the them vibrant through the holiday season.   The secret to keeping a Christmas tree fresh through the holiday season is to provide it with plenty of water, Chastagner said.   “Most people […]

Buying a real Christmas tree, not bad for the environment

PULLMAN – It’s that time of year again, the stores are flooded with holiday decorations, the street corners are lined with Christmas trees for sale and many people are torn by the decision to decorate a real or fake tree this year. For those do-it-yourself individuals, “Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Month” is upon us and […]