Book untangles complexity of social media law

PULLMAN, Wash. – Be careful little hands what you type. If you didn’t know you could be found liable for posting links on your or your company’s website, making negative comments about someone in another state or blogging about a new product before it’s released, now is the time to obtain a copy of Kimberly […]

Book helps public navigate issues

PULLMAN – Nuclear power, weapons, and waste disposal remain a topic rife with controversy. Cleanup will require a Herculean effort, along with massive funding. Accidents continue, promises remain unfulfilled, and Washington State regulators may file a lawsuit against the federal government.   The sobering legacy encompasses 3750 square miles of land involved in the U.S. […]

Alumnus Sherman Alexie’s book earns critical acclaim

“Flight,” the third novel by WSU distinguished alumnus Sherman Alexie, is earning critical praise around the country. According to the May 27th review in The New York Times Sunday Book Review, “It is raw and vital, often raucously funny, and there isn’t a false word in it.” Published this spring by Grove Press Black Cat, […]

Freshmen share book to enrich academic life

Nearly 3,000 freshmen will get “Flu” this summer — the book, not the virus — as WSU launches its first “common reading” project. Common reading projects at universities have gained popularity since the early 1990s. They have been shown to enhance students’ academic transition to college and increase their success. “‘Flu’ will provide rich topics […]

WSU English Club aids students in need of books

PULLMAN – Members of the English Club at Washington State University delivered 29 boxes of books last month to Sacajawea Middle School in Spokane, Wash., after an arson fire in September destroyed the school’s library. “It’s amazing to me that some students in Pullman would take time out of their busy schedules to do something […]

Professor’s book explores Mexican-American roots

PULLMAN – Raised among the vast lemon orchards of Southern California, Jose Alamillo is one of many Mexican-Americans whose contrasting childhood memories include both the light aroma of spring lemon blossoms and the darker images of his father returning home at night, his body covered with black soot from lighting smudge pots amid the groves. […]

WSU Press releases book on leader in southwest archaeology

PULLMAN — Washington State University Press recently released “Tracking Ancient Footsteps: William D. Lipe’s Contributions to Public and Southwest Archaeology”. Archaeologists, including William D. Lipe, have spent decades unraveling the mystery of why tens of thousands of ancestral Pueblo Indians abandoned their communities around 1300 A.D. to move to areas far to the south and […]