WSU Full-Immersion Spanish Institute starts June 15


WENATCHEE, Wash. – A four-week Spanish immersion class beginning Wednesday, June 15, is designed for school, state agency and law enforcement personnel, as well as those who want to increase their fluency in the Spanish language and cultures.

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Photos show 2015 FISI students during discussion and presentation exercises.

Hosted by Washington State University Extension in partnership with Wenatchee Valley College, the course includes interactive/conversational oral reading, writing and cultural activities. These include discussion after reading Spanish newspapers and listening to Spanish radio and TV as well as role play and games.

Students will overcome their hesitancy to speak the language and gain greater confidence in their ability to interact with native speakers at their job site or elsewhere, said Ray Faini, program director and WSU Extension emeritus professor. He said this is the 18th consecutive year the WSU Full-Immersion Spanish Institute (FISI) has been taught in Wenatchee.

“The WSU Spanish immersion summer class definitely took me to the next level in terms of cultural knowledge and sensitivity and boosted my ability to think, process and speak more of the language,” said a former student.

North central Washington has a significant and growing Hispanic population, the majority of whom continue to communicate in their native tongue, Faini said. This points to the community’s growing need for service by teachers, police and agency representatives with some proficiency in Spanish.


Raymond Faini, WSU Full Immersion Spanish Institute, 509-630-6691,



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