Bot Brawl brings students together

Students gathered around a table working on a small combat robot.
Sixteen teams competed against one another in this year's Crimson Bot Brawl, hosted by Crimson Robotics.

Crimson Robotics recently held its spring Crimson Bot Brawl, where students create robots in different sections and put them to a test in a tournament.

Many of the participants spent the entire semester preparing for the tournament. While some of the 16 teams utilized pre-existing robots, others started from scratch, according to Crimson Robotics president Zach Klein, one of the organizers of the event.

Klein said even though planning and running a competition can be stressful, it’s a great feeling when the day of the competition comes up and everyone is having fun. The club’s goal is to have open access to combat robotics, so they fund every team’s robots to remove the cost and knowledge barrier that typically prevents people from getting involved.

A small combat robot spinning a blade while sparks fly.
A robot created for Crimson Bot Brawl.

“We have a lot of people passing through the event, either as a competitor or spectator, and it’s really cool that we’re able to give them a fun time,” he said.

Bot Brawl participant Spencer Kinder has been involved with Crimson Robotics since he transferred to WSU Pullman from the Vancouver campus at the beginning of the school year. He joined because of his interest in robotics and the wide variety of robotics options the Pullman campus offers.

“I think my favorite part is just getting to know people. I’ve met quite a few friends, which I’m really grateful for, and also having the creative liberty to be able to do projects like this with the support of the club is great,” Kinder said.

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