Sport Management graduate program ranked 1st in Northwest; 26th worldwide

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Washington State University’s sport management master’s degree has been ranked the best in the Pacific Northwest, and No. 26 in the world, by SportBusiness.

“This exceptional global ranking underscores the unwavering dedication and exceptional contributions of our faculty and students. It is a testament to the program’s continued pursuit of excellence in sport management education,” Associate Professor Simon Licen said.

This is the third time that SportBusiness has ranked WSU’s sport management master’s degree globally in the last four years, having previously claimed the 20th spot in 2020 and the 33rd position in 2021.

Licen said WSU has been able to achieve this ranking once again due to its hands-on experience provided by campus opportunities.

“We are especially good at teaching our students relevant skills that they will use in their chosen career areas,” he said. “We benefit from synergies with the Department of Athletics, University Recreation, and other campus units where most of our students can quickly test out the concepts and mechanisms they learn in our courses.”

Tammy Crawford, faculty and chair of the sport management program, said the global ranking shows that the program is top-notch and dedicated to helping students succeed.

“The ranking will serve as an important tool for the recruitment of top-tier students that will contribute to the continued enrollment of a diverse student body which enhances the learning environment,” Crawford said. “The ranking helps distinguish our program from others and the exposure may create the opportunity for both our faculty and students to forge new collaborations.”

As it turns out, WSU is the only university in the Pacific Northwest that appeared on this year’s list.

“I feel that this program was rated higher than others in the Pacific Northwest because of the unique structure of the program,” graduate assistant Marie Benedetti said. “In-person, two-year programs with opportunity for funding and professional development are very hard to come by, and the fact that WSU offers this in a supportive and opportunity-filled atmosphere puts this program above the rest.”

Benedetti said the ranking will serve as a valuable asset for students, helping them stand out to future employers by highlighting the quality of education they received within the program.

“The program’s ranking will appeal to industry hiring managers and will provide a heightened sense of significance that I graduated from WSU’s sport management master’s program,” Benedetti said.

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