WSU scholars earn high marks in 2023 rankings

Bolstered by its outstanding researchers and scholars across numerous disciplines, Washington State University garnered high marks across nearly two dozen fields of study in’s best universities in the world 2023 rankings.

More than 140 WSU professors were recognized in the latest rankings, including 20 who were recognized in the outlet’s global rankings of scholars. uses an institution’s faculty reputation and contributions to their respective field as the basis for its assessment. The number of citations a professor is credited with as well as publications in relevant journals are central to the website’s assessments, with more information on its methodology available online.

Twenty six disciplines, ranging from animal science and veterinary medicine to political science are tracked by In this year’s assessments, WSU ranked among the best institutions in the nation and world in 24 of these categories:

Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine

  • 59th world, 21st national
  • 8 researchers, 3 included in the global rankings

Biology and Biochemistry

  • 136th world, 58th national
  • 22 researchers, 2 included in the global rankings

Business and Management

  • 210th world, 90th national
  • 2 researchers, 1 in global rankings


  • 226th world, 61st national
  • 13 researchers, 2 included in global rankings

Computer Science

  • 386th world, 103rd national
  • 4 researchers, 1 in global ranking

Earth Science

  • 233rd world, 71st national
  • 5 researchers

Ecology and Evolution

  • 235th world, 76th national
  • 6 researchers, 1 in global rankings

Economics and Finance

  • 335th world, 129th national
  • 1 researcher

Electronics and electrical engineering

  • 289th world, 88th national
  • 3 researchers

Engineering and Technology

  • 893rd world, 160th national
  • 1 researcher

Environmental Sciences

  • 222nd world, 74th national
  • 8 researchers


  • 132nd world, 51st national
  • 6 researchers


  • 218th world, 70th national
  • 3 researchers

Materials Science

  • 192nd world, 53rd national
  • 9 researchers, 2 in global rankings

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • 248th world, 81st national
  • 2 researchers, 1 in global rankings


  • 334th world, 95th national
  • 5 researchers


  • 137th world, 54th national
  • 7 researchers, 1 in global rankings

Molecular Biology

  • 193rd world, 69th national
  • 2 researchers


  • 227th world, 82nd national
  • 6 researchers, 1 in global rankings


  • 363rd world, 118th national
  • 1 researcher

Plant Science and Agronomy

  • 64th world, 20th national
  • 8 researchers, 3 in global rankings

Political Science

  • 155th world, 65th national
  • 2 researchers, 1 in global rankings


  • 162nd world, 88th national
  • 15 researchers, 1 in global rankings

Social Sciences and Humanities

  • 239th world, 102nd national
  • 5 researchers

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