Annual 5K Rabies Run scheduled for Oct. 30

Get an early start to Halloween by joining Washington State University’s Student American Veterinary Medical Association for its annual 5K Rabies Run beginning at 10 a.m. Oct. 30 in front of Bustad Hall. 

All proceeds from the event will be donated to the WSU Rabies Free Africa campaign, with the hope of eradicating Rabies by 2030. 

Rabies is one of the deadliest zoonotic diseases on the planet, killing around 60,000 people annually. The deaths are mostly in Africa, India, and other parts of Asia, where 99% of rabies cases are from a dog bite. The WSU Rabies Vaccination Program team vaccinates an average of ​300 dogs daily in east Africa. They visit 180 villages every year in seven districts adjacent to the Serengeti National Park. Because of the program, the vaccination zone is rabies-free. The goal is to use the zone as a model in other parts of Africa and Asia and to have zero human rabies-related deaths from dogs by 2030.

The run will follow a route up and down Grimes Way and will include a 1-mile “zombie loop” around the WSU Arboretum where zombies will be eagerly waiting to snack on brains. Each participant who chooses to run the zombie loop will receive a capture-the-flag belt and attempt to make it through the loop with their belt intact.

A prize drawing for gift baskets and items donated by sponsors will be held at the end of the race. Anyone in attendance can enter the drawing. Extra tickets will be awarded to those who return to the registration desk at the end of the run with their belt intact after the zombie loop and to people dressed in Halloween costumes. Separate tickets for the prize buckets at the CVM Halloween Party will be given to those who register.

For early registration and to receive a Rabies Run 2021 T-shirt, download this form and email it to Hannah Abbott at or Holly Hinnant at by Oct. 10. Early registration is $25. Payments can be made here. Select “Pickup from Hannah M Abbott” for shipping option. Shirts can be picked up 9:30-10 a.m. during check-in on the day of the event. 

Registration with no shirt is $20 and can be made during check-in or by contacting Abbott or Hinnant prior to the run.

Organizers are also asking for volunteers to help with the run. Registration fees will be waived for volunteers, who will also be eligible for a discounted T-shirt. Contact Abbott or Hinnant by October 20th to be a volunteer.

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