Security of personal information enhanced

Illustration promoting identity protection.

By Jaqueline Southwick, Information Technology Services

Further masking of personally identifiable information within WSU’s network, including myWSU and other necessary areas, is now in effect across all of WSU systems following a recent update project.

Users will notice these security improvements to personal information such as social security numbers, bank account and routing numbers and date of birth, when accessing WSU systems where this personally identifiable data may have been visible to them prior to the security enhancements.

Throughout early December, Information Technology Services, in collaboration with Human Resources, the WSU Controller and WSU Payroll, successfully identified all points of visibility to personally identifiable information within the WSU business and records system, completing steps to confirm or implement more robust masking processes.

Strongly aligning with industry standard display schemas, the masking strategy deployed during this process now shows only the last few digits of an individual’s personally identifiable information and replaces any remaining portion of user information with XXXs. The applied protections will not affect business functions associated with personal user data and will not change any personally identifiable information data within the WSU system.

Deeply committed to the safety of our university community, this is one more way ITS is collaborating across the university to ensure the safest technology and business environment possible.

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