Cougar Health Services: New name, integrated health services

Exterior of Cougar Health Services building.
Cougar Health Services building

PULLMAN, Wash. – WSU Health and Wellness Services and Counseling and Psychological Services have officially integrated under the name Cougar Health Services.

The change reflects a model of student-centered, integrated health services on the Pullman campus.

As part of this process, Cougar Health Services is merging electronic health records over the summer. Maintaining one central record for each student will help the department provide seamless care across counseling, medical clinic, pharmacy and vision clinic services, and ensure staff have a full understanding of each student’s health history and the care they’ve received.

The merger and new name are also reflected on the new Cougar Health Services website.

WSU departments and groups can request updated Cougar Health Services materials through the website.


Kristen Maki, communications coordinator, Student Affairs, 509-335-6025

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