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Reminder to archive/clean out

PULLMAN – To maintain Exchange/Outlook e-mail storage space, Information Technology Services (ITS) is reminding faculty and staff to clean out e-mail boxes and folders — deleting or archiving information regularly.
Accounts hosted centrally be ITS generally have a standard quota size of 200 MB. E-mail boxes receive notifications when they are getting near their quota size, including a warning when they reach 160 MB.
“E-mail management is a chore for anyone,” said Arlo Clizer, director of operations and systems services.  “More help from end-users will assist ITS in maintaining capacity and reliability for this important shared service.”
ITS will be working with individuals to help them get within their respective quotas.
If e-mails or attachment material must be kept, it should be archived. Archiving essentially moves content from the e-mail server to the user’s own computer, where it remains accessible.
Tools to help
Here are some frequently asked questions about managing e-mail accounts and archiving material.
Q: How do I find out what my e-mail account size is?
A: With Outlook or Entourage open, from the navigation pane on the left side of the application window: select the mailbox with your name, then right-click (ctrl+click for MAC) and select (folder) properties.
In Outlook, in the lower left hand corner, click the “folder size” button. Then select the “server data” tab; the third line down will show the account size in kilobytes on the server.
In Entourage, select the “storage” tab, then the third line down will show the account size in kilobytes on the  server.
What are the easiest ways to reduce the size of my mailbox?
Emptying your “deleted items” and “junk e-mail” folders is the fastest way to reduce mailbox size.
How can I archive items that I need to keep?
AutoArchiving is the simplest method and can be set up to automatically scan your mailbox to look for messages that are available to be archived. More information and instructions to set up AutoArchiving can be found ONLINE @ under “archiving e-mail” located under “most visited links” on the left side of the page.
Who can I talk to for assistance?
Because user needs vary from department to department, it is best to first work with your local IT support personnel who best understand your needs. If they are unavailable, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 335-HELP or

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