33rd heart memorializing murderer questioned

Signs were attached to WSU’s giant blue heart statue this morning, carrying messages disagreeing with there being a 33rd paper heart memorializing the suicidal gunman who killed 32 innocent people at Virginia Tech on April 16. 

The April 16 killing rampage was the most deadly incident on any U.S. college campus in history. The gunman, Seung-hui Cho, 23, was a senior English student at Virginia Tech.

Signs read: Dear Campus Involvement. Suicide does not equal murder. Please stop counting it, 32.

The 33 paper hearts were placed in the ground by Campus Involvement to remember all the deaths at Virginia Tech. Greg Wilkins, director for Campus Involvement, said his group was hopeful that the hearts would stay up until May.

This morning, however, the 33rd heart was missing, replaced by the signs. 

For additional information on the Virginia Tech tragedy, go to:

* WSU Today — http://www.wsutoday.wsu.edu/completestory.asp?StoryID=3967

* Virginia Tech tribute — http://www.vt.edu/tragedy/in_memoriam.php

* Yahoo News — http://news.yahoo.com/fc/US/Virginia_Tech_Shootings

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