Dial-in modem pools will be discontinued

Dial-in modem pools, a method of connecting to the university computer system, will be removed from service on Oct. 1 in Pullman, Spokane and Vancouver. (The modem pool at WSU Tri-Cities has already been discontinued.)

This action was recommended by the University Advisory Committee for Computing and Telecommunications (UACCT) due to the age of the equipment, the cost of providing the service, and the security exposure that the current modem pool configuration causes.

If you have concerns about this, please contact your UACCT representative. The person for your area may be found at http://infotech.wsu.edu/uacct/roster.html.

Students and employees who use the dial-in modems from home are encouraged to acquire services from one of their local ISP’s or from one of the national ISP’s. One index that lists free or inexpensive ISP’s is located at http://www.all-free-isp.com. Local ISP’s may be found in the phone book under Internet Service Providers.

Employees who dial the modem pool while traveling are encouraged to use the Remote Internet Access Service that also may be less costly than the long distance charges incurred while calling the modem pool. Information about this service is located at http://infotech.wsu.edu/communications/services/data/ria.htm.

For more information contact Dave Ostrom, director of Communication & Network Services, at ostrom@wsu.edu or 509-335-0504.

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