Use Cougar Card, save 10 percent

Staff, faculty and students get 10 percent off when they use their Cougar Cash card at any campus eatery. This includes the Cub Lair and Student Court, Butch’s Den, Sweet Sensations and campus espresso carts and markets. Anyone with an active Cougar Cash account is eligible for the discount.

Cougar Cash is not accepted at Ferdinand’s Ice Cream, the hotel and restaurant espresso cart in Todd Hall or at residence dining centers, said Craig Howard, associate director of Administrative Services. “There is a difference between a dining account and a Cougar Cash account,” he said.

There are a number of reasons for the discount, said Howard. Using the card increases the speed of checkout in the food courts.

“This way customers can get in and out quickly, and no one has to deal with counting and exchanging money,” Howard said. “Handling cash has it’s own cost due to counting it, handling it and taking it to the bank. People have to be paid to do that.”

Another convenience associated with Cougar Cash is the implementation of real-time deposit online. Cardholders may go online, make a transfer of funds from another credit card and have immediate cash in their account.

“You could even go to the computer lab, transfer the funds and get up and buy a drink at a campus cart right away,” Howard said.

In addition to campus locations, many local businesses accept the card. Cardholders will not receive the discount at these locations, but the convenience is still there.

Also available to cardholders are services online like account information, statements, lost or stolen card notification and ways to check for updated discounts offered to those with Cougar Cash.

For more information on the Cougar Card and its uses, visit

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