Fakedegrees.com getting university attention

Fakedegrees.com, which sells fake diplomas for $75, says it plans to extend its product lines in the future to include fake transcripts, references and letters of recommendation.

As a result, the company is getting attention from a number of universities and colleges. Officials from several institutions have demanded that a company that sells fake diplomas over the Internet stop listing the colleges# names on its website.

According to a “Chronicle of Higher Education” article, fakedegrees.com has complied with many of the cease-and-desist requests, removing the names those institutions from their website. However, the company advertises that it will make fake diplomas from colleges not listed on the site upon customer request.

The company#s website states that the fake diplomas are “intended for novelty purposes only.”

The fee allows people to get as many as five degrees. Fakedegrees.com, which appears to be based in Spain, could not be reached for comment.

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