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Oh, my aching joints! Is weather to blame?
December 1, 2017

A growing number of small-scale studies are identifying barometric pressure — the weight of the atmosphere that surrounds us, or simply the weight of air — as the leading culprit.

Horse therapy helps teach nursing students the value of presence
November 30, 2017

Some patients are nonverbal, for example, or can’t communicate with health care providers because of a language barrier. Some patients are a little scary. And horses, like patients, react to a person’s body language and can sense when someone isn’t “truly with them,” explains Jayne Beebe, a senior instructor at the WSU College of Nursing in Yakima.

Honey bees are key to broadening our mealtime choices
November 22, 2017

During your morning coffee, noon-time salad, or even that Thanksgiving meal, the honey bee is your constant companion. About a third of our diet depends on pollinated crops, not just fruit and vegetables but also the alfalfa that feeds dairy herds.