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Ultramarathoner Di Wu is running the trails
Going the distance
December 8, 2017

Two days before the start of WSU’s fall semester, WSU engineering Professor Di Wu staggers down a rugged trail nearly 50 miles in to the 100-mile ultramarathon.

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Rare ‘thundersnow’ makes surprise, rumbling visit across the Palouse
November 20, 2017

Lightning and thunderclaps accompanied tumbling snowflakes last Thursday night over the Palouse in what meteorologists call a thundersnow. The Nov. 16 event moved through areas including Moscow and Pullman within a 10-minute time period. Though brief, it presented an enthralling, seldom-seen show.

Provost will match food drive donations
November 16, 2017

Canned goods and non-perishable items can be dropped off at the Provost’s Office at French Administration, room 436, through Friday, Dec. 8.

The serendipitous side of science and Siberia
November 14, 2017

One day Stephanie Hampton, the data-crunching limnologist at WSU widely recognized for her work on Lake Washington, was perusing books on eBay when she came across the seminal work on Lake Baikal by Mikhail Kozhov, the patriarch of a family of Russian scientists she’d met while collaborating on research in Siberia. When it arrived, she discovered it was inscribed to famous American limnologist John Brooks and Kozhov’s family members later verified the signature and handwriting as authentic.

The calculus of grace
November 13, 2017

For Valerie Cheathon, it all adds up. She plans to earn a master’s degree in applied math so she can make movies. Sitting in the Compton Union Building on the Pullman campus of Washington State University one morning, she clearly sees the world as a weave of numbers—and stories.

Students fashion reusable bags for community food pantry
November 9, 2017

Working with the WSU Center for Civic Engagement, students in the Department of Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles created the bags this fall as a dual class project. Teams of students, mostly freshmen and sophomores, learned to track down quality used textiles and assemble a real product, at the same time gaining lessons in community service.

Veteran’s Day ceremony planned
November 7, 2017

The event will start at 11:50 a.m. at the top of the Terrell Mall, outside of the CUB.  A flag procession and bagpipers will lead participants down the mall to the Veterans Memorial where a short program will be conducted.

Baseball superstitions: Just in time for Halloween, World Series
October 31, 2017

Baseball players are among the most superstitious of professional athletes, with myriad rituals and routines to keep a winning streak alive or to pull a struggling team out of a slump. In 171 years of the sport’s existence, the list of do’s and don’ts covers everything from what to eat before a game to not washing your socks after the game is over.

The ghost of Bryan Hall
October 31, 2017

Stories about ghosts and the unexplained are common across the Pullman campus, but few are as spine-tingling as the mysterious encounters in Bryan Hall.

Retired nurse finds encore career as inventor
October 30, 2017

Russell Michaelsen didn’t graduate from the WSU College of Nursing until he was nearly 50, after working as a medical lab tech, logger, commercial fisherman, hunting guide, and builder. As a nurse, he added inventor to that list of vocations. His company, based in the Health Education & Research Building on the WSU Spokane campus, specializes in development of products designed to prevent infections.