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Submit announcement

For questions or help with the submission form contact Brenda Campbell at

If you see the following input box, please leave it empty.


  • Headlines should be 5-7 words.
  • When specifying the day of the week and the date, use a comma after day and date.   For example: Monday, June 10, …
  • When stating the time use a period between am and pm. For example: a.m. or p.m.
  • The preview screen is the text box. The text box is WYSIWYG. So how you enter the text in the text box is how it will appear when posted.
  • Copy and paste your text from Notepad into the text box and then format.
  • Place contact information at end of announcement.
  • Need corrections? Send an email to for any corrections.
  • To make the text box bigger, place your cursor at the right corner of the box, click and drag to desired length.
  • Submit the announcement for EACH date that you want it to appear in announcements.