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  • Headlines should be 5-7 words.
  • Include the location of your activity, such as Pullman campus or Vancouver campus, etc.
  • We strive to conform with The Associated Press style guide and may edit for consistency and clarity. Any substantive edits, which are rare, will be returned for review, but minor edits for grammar or style, such as unnecessary capitalization, will be made without notice.
  • When specifying the day of the week and the date, use a comma after day and date. For example: Monday, June 10, …
  • When stating the time, use periods with a.m. and p.m. For example: 7 a.m. or 4 p.m.
  • The preview screen is the text box. The text box is WYSIWYG. So how you enter the text in the text box is how it will appear when posted, though it may include edits for grammar, style or consistency.
  • Copy and paste your text from Notepad into the text box and then format.
  • Place contact information at end of announcement.
  • Need corrections? Send an email to for any corrections.
  • To make the text box bigger, place your cursor at the right corner of the box, click and drag to desired length.
  • Submit the announcement for EACH date that you want it to appear in announcements.
  • Announcements is a service provided to the WSU community free of charge by University Marketing and Communications. We are happy to help promote your activities but please limit your your requests to no more than three publication dates per Announcement.

WSU Announcements

These are highly transactional types of notices of general university interest. They are self-uploaded by the units that authored the notices and submitting units are expected to copy edit and ensure factual accuracy. Examples of include:

  • Targeted training and event opportunities
  • Campus- and audience-specific sales, fundraisers, events
  • Shared leave notices
  • Retirement notices, including invitations to farewell gatherings
  • Memorial notices for current and former employees with link to published obituaries
  • Note: The central news team can elevate announcements to the Insider home page as well (particularly when they have systemwide appeal or support the university’s key strategic initiatives)