Criminal offender DNA databases and the hits that make them so successful fighting crime

Tim Schellberg
Friday, March 4
1:30–2:30 p.m. in CUE 407, WSU Pullman

Zoom information:
Meeting ID: 941 7176 7266
Passcode: 643306
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A national forensic DNA databasing program debuted over 25 years ago in the United Kingdom. Since then, 58 additional countries have followed their lead. Many of the world’s databases have exceeded expectations and forever changed how law enforcement solves and prevents crime. Mr. Schellberg’s talk will discuss the rapid evolution and future of forensic DNA. He will also discuss the policies, arguments and statistics that drive these programs. The second part of Mr. Schellberg’s lecture will highlight the success of criminal DNA database programs through the criminal cases submitted to the annual “DNA Hit of the Year” program. The “DNA Hit of the Year” is an international program where countries throughout the world submit their extraordinary DNA database hit cases for review by an international panel of judges. Through a discussion of these cases, the presentation will provide the audience with an informative overview of trends in databasing policy, and DNA investigative strategies.

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