Beginning Tuesday, December 8, 2020, WSU Zoom recordings stored in the cloud will be automatically deleted 6 months after the date of their creation. Additionally, recordings that are 6 months old or older will be automatically deleted at this time.

ITS recognizes that a similar change to a 9-month retention policy was just recently implemented and apologizes for any inconvenience this additional change may cause. This additional timeframe change aims to address what remains a dramatic increase in Zoom recordings stored in the cloud.

ITS strongly encourages users to review and download their important recordings prior to December 8—especially those made before June 8, 2020, as they will be automatically deleted for being outside the new 6-month retention policy.

Users can configure their Zoom settings to notify them 7 days before cloud recordings are permanently deleted from their account trash bin. To learn how to change this setting and more, please visit this self-help article from the WSU Zoom support team.

For technical assistance, please contact: Crimson Service Desk via email, by phone at (509) 335-4357, or online.