The Recycling Program for the WSU Pullman campus has made significant changes in response to global market changes and market supply and demand for recycled materials.

1) At WSU Pullman, we will place an emphasis on materials with a positive market value and clean recyclable materials.

2) The items accepted at building locations will be metal cans and #1 and #2 plastic bottles, along with clean white and pastel office paper. Each having a separate recycling bin for collection.

3) Locations that collect excessive contamination such as all outdoor containers have had the recycling option removed until we can raise awareness and compliance within the WSU community.

In order to improve communication between departments and the university as a whole, the Waste Management/Recycling department has utilized social media outlets to help educate about the recycling program and share knowledge and insight into the changing world markets.

If you would like to tour the recycling facility please let me know, we do tours weekly.

Nathan Kite
Facilities Services- Waste Management
Follow on Social Media @recyclingwsu