In addition to individual therapy services and assessments, the WSU Psychology Clinic will be starting two therapy groups targeting women’s health concerns starting this Fall 2020. The WSU psychology clinic offers low-cost mental health services to community members and WSU students located in the state of Washington.

The first group is a Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) Treatment group for Survivors of Sexual Assault. This group uses an evidence-based treatment model to target symptoms of post-traumatic stress following a sexual assault. The second group, coming soon, will be a Maternal Mental Health treatment and support group for mothers of children under the age of 5. Below are short descriptions of each group:

  • Survivors:

    The CPT based treatment group for survivors of sexual assault will meet once a week on Thursdays from 6–7 p.m. via Zoom starting in October 2020 for 8 consecutive sessions. The first of the 60-minute sessions has a psychoeducational focus, all other sessions have skills and treatment components such as exposure, trauma narratives, and challenging “stuck points,” that will be practiced within the sessions. Between-session learning or “homework” is important to practice skills that were developed in sessions and to apply these skills to real life situations. Sharing with others who have similar experiences, learning from each other, and seeing people who are at different stages of coping and recovering can instill hope and a sense of belongingness. Group therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment choice for trauma recovery.

  • Maternal Mental Health:

    This group will consist of mothers of children below the age of 5 who seek assistance from other mothers, share personal experiences, and discuss topics of mutual concern. The group will meet once a week (time TBD) via Zoom starting late fall 2020. Each session, group leaders will combine skill-building and psychoeducation with social support and connection between mothers. Children welcome!

Prior to joining either group, clients are asked to attend an intake interview via Zoom with the group leaders to determine the fit for the group and establish personal goals and targets for therapy. Due to licensure requirements, clients must be in the state of Washington while participating in group or individual tele-mental health treatment at the WSU Psychology Clinic.

If you might be interested contact the WSU Psychology Clinic for more information at 509-335-3587 or visit for more information about available services!