Here are answers to the top questions we get asked about Workday training.

  • Which Workday training should every employee take?

    All WSU employees will have access to what is called Employee Self-Service functions in Workday. Employee Self-Service tasks include things like updating your address, checking your payslip, and entering time.

    This Workday security role is called “Employee as Self.” Select “Employee as self” in the Workday Training Catalog to view all appropriate training for employees getting started with Workday. Visit this page for the top 7 recommended trainings for employees.

    All Employee Self-Service trainings are available on demand. Employees can access training materials at any time and learn at their own pace.

    Micro-learnings are self-led in-depth courses on Skillsoft. Check out the micro-learning Getting Started with Workday: Employee Self-Service and other micro-learnings in the Workday Training Catalog.

  • There are a lot of training materials. What should I take first?

    Prioritize taking instructor-led courses first, since these are offered now through early December. The micro-learnings and Reference Guides are available now and you can access them whenever you need them. You can find out a training material’s type in its description in the Workday Training Catalog.

    Employees should only register for training courses that pertain to their Workday security roles. You can filter by security roles in the Workday Training Catalog.

  • Which Workday training should managers and supervisors take?

    Managers should take these top 8 recommended trainings for managers. You can find additional relevant training by choosing “Manager as Self” in the Workday Training Catalog.

  • Which Workday training should faculty take?

    In addition to Employee Self-Service materials, faculty who do sponsored research or manage others would benefit from additional grants and Manger Self-Service training. You can filter by “Grants” and “Manager as Self” in the Workday Training Catalog.

  • Which training should graduate students take?

    Graduate students should take Employee Self-Service training relevant to all WSU employees.

  • What if I have questions about my Workday security roles?

    For questions on your Workday security roles or to add additional Workday security roles, contact your Area Finance Officer.

  • How do I access Workday training materials?

    Use the Workday Training Catalog to view appropriate training materials for your security roles. You will be redirected to Skillsoft or the Workday Knowledge Base according to your designated training.

    Note: Workday training does not require the use of VPN.

  • I have additional questions.

    Please visit our FAQs or contact us at