Experience the taste! Quarters, halves and wholes.

The WSU beef production system involves the best care and thoughtful genetic selection in order to make a premium product. This round of locker-style beef sales again features Wagyu influenced cattle that will go high choice or prime grade. After harvest the beef is aged and cut to your specifications.

Every aspect of this beef production occurs within a 12-mile radius of campus and hinges on student help, enabling them to get first hand experience with beef production. WSU bred, born, raised, finished and cut!

Pricing: Whole or half = $3 per pound of hanging weight; Quarter = $3.10 per pound of hanging weight. Staff at the WSU Meats Lab turns it into the cuts you want and wraps it for $0.80 per pound of hanging weight.

Please contact Brent at 509‑335‑3777 or send an email to AnSci.Premium.Beef@wsu.edu.