HRS Wellcoug and APAC are hosting an informal brown bag lunch presentation, so come and join us! We’ll give a brief overview of the SmartHealth program and answer any questions you may have.

For those of you located in Pullman, the presentation will be held on Wednesday, May 20, 12:10 – 12:50 in Lighty 401. This session will be available to non-Pullman sites via AMS Videoconferencing Services.  To view which locations are currently registered, visit the .

Additional site connections may be requested through after successfully enrolling in the session. As a current WSU employee, you have until June 30 to qualify for the incentive, so hopefully you’ve already started your wellness journey. If not, there still is time! Make May and June count to reach the 2000 point goal!

By the way, are you wondering what the SmartHealth Incentive is, or want to know more about Wellcoug? Visit to learn more!

Questions about these programs can be directed to Human Resource Services at (509) 335-4521 or