Thursday, September 10th, at 11 a.m. to Noon. Presented by Dr. Kaiyan Qiu, Assistant Professor, Washington State University School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

The interweaving of polymeric materials with multiscale, multimaterial 3D printing processes could enable the additive manufacturing of a diverse set of complex, multifunctional structures. To this end, the focus of this talk is to introduce the 3D printing of presurgical organ models, cardiac muscle pump, and smart electronics with unique geometries and extraordinary functionalities that can be utilized for biomedical and healthcare applications. Firstly, 3D printed, patient‐specific prostate and aortic root models with physical properties of tissue and integrated capacitive sensors will be presented and their applications in surgical rehearsal and planning, medical device evaluation, and postoperative complication prediction will be discussed. Secondly, 3D bioprinting of cardiac muscle pump using stem cell‐laden biomaterials and in situ proliferation and differentiation procedure will be presented. The muscle pump exhibits contiguous muscle wall and macroscale beating function. Finally, a 3D printed stretchable piezoresistive tactile sensor fabricated on freeform surface under mild conditions using customized electronic materials will be introduced. This sensor can be integrated onto human skin for health monitoring and motion detection.