Faculty and Staff who are enrolled in a WSU medical insurance plan, only have until the end of the month to earn 2,000 SmartHealth points and qualify for a $125 wellness incentive in 2019. The incentive will be applied as long as you continue to be eligible and enrolled in medical insurance in January 2019.

When you complete your Well-being Assessment, you’ll receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card! (taxable income)

And if you then earn 2,000 total SmartHealth points by September 30, 2018*, you’ll qualify to receive one of the following in 2019, depending on what medical plan you are enrolled in:

  • A $125 reduction to the classic or value medical plan deductible.
  • A one-time $125 deposit into a health savings account for CDHP plans.

Almost there? Join some great activities that have higher points and can help you reach your 2,000-point goal faster:

  • Get Comfortable and Get Productive: Take steps to adjust your workspace to alleviate those little aches, pains, or fatigue you may feel throughout the day. (150 points)
  • Write Your Reflections Before Bedtime: To quiet your mind for better sleep, note your concerns in a journal at least once a week and earn 50 points per week.
  • Connect Your Role with Your Organization’s Value: Review WSU’s and your department’s or College’s mission statement or strategic plan; what do you connect with most? Write down how your role or job aligns with WSU’s values. (150 points)

*Employees hired after July 1, 2018 will have different deadlines, either 120 days from benefit eligibility or December 31, 2018 whichever is sooner.

Don’t miss out; learn more about SmartHealth and sign up at www.smarthealth.hca.wa.gov today!