Everyone handling cash and checks (including donated funds) is reminded to handle them with great care. Responsibility for funds received on behalf of WSU remains with the receiving unit and does not terminate until receipted by the Bursar’s Office.

Periodic review of WSU’s Cash Handling policy (BPPM 30.53) will assure an understanding of the correct cash handling processes.

Here are a few reminders:

  • Cash and checks must be physically secure at all times.
  • Immediately endorse checks and receipt all monies at the time they are received.
  • All payments made to WSU should be deposited intact at least weekly or daily if amounts total $100 or more the day of receipt.
  • Never use interdepartmental mail to transfer monies.
  • Establish proper separation of duties – individuals who collect monies and/or write receipts may not prepare and/or make deposits.

For questions, contact the Office of the Controller, gen.acct@wsu.edu, or Internal Audit, ia.central@wsu.edu.