The 1095 Tax Forms have been mailed out to employees. The Form 1095 reports information about your health care coverage as required by the Affordable Care Act. For most, this form is not needed to file your taxes, but you should keep it with your 2017 tax documentation. It does not replace your W-2.

The 1095 forms will be mailed directly to your home address by either the Health Care Authority (HCA) or your insurance provider, and there may be situations where you receive one from multiple sources. The 1095-C Forms were recently sent out by the HCA and have been sent to all employees who worked at least 130 hours in any month during the prior year regardless of whether they were enrolled in a plan during 2017 AND anyone enrolled in a Uniform Medical Plan (Classic, CDHP, or Plus). The 1095-B Forms will be sent to people enrolled in any of the Kaiser Permanente plans. Covered dependents will not receive their own 1095 Form.

More information will be available on the HRS Affordable Care Act – Form 1095 webpage or you can find additional information on the IRS website or consult with a qualified tax advisor.