Help ASWSU and all the students here at Washington State University commemorate these fifteen individuals and all faculty & staff members for their contribution to the cougar experience. The Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day Ceremony will take place on May 1, at 6 p.m. in the CUB Junior Ballroom and is open to the public. Family members, friends, and every employee is highly encouraged to attend this event and enjoy keynote speakers, light refreshments, and the presentation of awards to the following individuals:

Exceptional Professor Award (7):

                  Joe Huseby, Honors College Professor for the School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs

                  David Makin, College of Arts and Sciences

                  Chris Lebens, College of Education

                  James Holden, College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences

                  Somayeh Nassiri, College of Engineering and Architecture 

                  Bruce Pinkleton, College of Communication

                  Richie Liu, College of Business

         Outstanding Staff Member Award (5):

                  Jessie Lynch, Honor’s College Recruitment Coordinator 

                  Joseph Kremer, Graduate Instructor 

                  Michelle Leusink, Teaching Assistant for the WSU Chemistry Department 

                  Jess Vetsch, Northside Residence Hall Custodian

                  Frank Hill, Academic Advisor and History Professor 

         Best Advisor Award (2):

                  Catherine Elstad, Associate Dean and Academic Advisor for the WSU Honors College

                  Kristin Culter, Advisor to the WSU Sociology Club

         Cougar Award (1):

                  David Wollkind, Mathematics Professor for the WSU College of Arts & Sciences