Washington State University will soon begin using Workday, the new system for finance, payroll, human resources, and post-award grants management. All WSU employees will use Workday in some capacity, from managing their personal information to tracking their time worked/off.

Workday training materials are ready and courses are now open for enrollment:

  • Workday Training page: Details about training types and how to find which materials and courses will be relevant for an employee’s role(s) in Workday.
  • Workday Training Catalog: A complete directory of all training materials and courses, filterable by Workday security role and topic.
  • Workday Knowledge Base: The home of FAQs and self-help articles and Workday Reference Guides: step-by-step documents on how to perform Workday functions.

Talk with leadership in your area if you have questions about your Workday security roles or which training may be right for you.

Learn more at modernization.wsu.edu. If you have questions about Workday, please contact the Modernization Initiative at modhelp.wsu.edu.