A near‑final draft of the 2020–2025 WSU system strategic plan is now available for viewing.

The revised draft incorporates feedback from about 400 individuals provided by the WSU community statewide during the recent open comment period. The new draft includes revisions that:

  • Clarify that the strategic plan creates the framework for the system’s future and that now campuses, colleges, and units will create implementation plans to support the big‑picture vision.
  • Increase the emphasis on the importance of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.
  • Stress the importance of dialogue between communities and the university in identifying solutions for issues of mutual concern.
  • Describe the importance of WSU staff in advancing the system in more detail.
  • Increase the emphasis on the importance of the arts and humanities.
  • Eliminate language that could be interpreted as “coded” by underrepresented groups.
  • Increase the emphasis on the importance of sustainability.
  • Increase the emphasis on WSU’s role in responding to the healthcare needs of Washingtonians.

The current draft will be revised in April to note that additional efforts are ongoing to address other related topics, including the metrics that will measure the plan’s progress, details surrounding system‑level responsibilities, and the future role of Extension at the university.

“It’s important to remember that this strategic plan doesn’t lock the WSU system into a predetermined path for the next five years,” WSU President Kirk Schulz said. “Through an annual revisioning conference, our community will have regular opportunities to shape and reshape the plan.”

The final draft of the strategic plan is scheduled to go to the WSU Board of Regents for approval at the board’s May or June meeting.