PULLMAN – The Museum of Art at Washington State University will feature retired WSU faculty member Sandra Salo Deutchman in this year’s Faculty Focus. The exhibit of her work which will be on display Aug. 28 through Sept. 27. She will hold a special public walk-through at noon on Aug. 27 in the Museum of Art.

Museum of Art Curator Keith Wells said, “Her vibrant, boldly colored paintings create a strong sense of natural
marvel while her textures and patterns echo the integrity of ancient canyon petroglyphs or perhaps Aboriginal paintings of Australia.”

Born in Highland Park, Ill. to immigrant parents from Finland, Deutchman was raised to love and respect nature, which has continued to be a profound influence on her paintings throughout her life.           
Deutchman taught children’s art classes as well as high school art before joining WSU in 1968 to teach art education in the Department of Education.
For Deutchman, painting has always been a strong focus of her private and professional life.  She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Idaho in 1983.
Deutchman’s first solo exhibit at WSU was in 1975 in the Fine Arts Department Gallery II.  Throughout the years, she received strong support from Fine Arts colleagues and joined their faculty in 1991 giving her the opportunity to teach both undergraduate and graduate Fine Arts students.
Deutchman said, “As I work, I watch, trying to recognize and develop imagery which reinforces the connections, and begins to reveal the unspoken forces that I sense in nature and within myself. I paint to explore these mysteries and their power to enchant my sense. My hope is that my paintings will invite viewers to see nature in new ways and to reconnect with their own sense of wonder.”
The Museum of Art is open Monday – Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., open until 7:00 p.m. Thursday, closed Sunday. Funding for this exhibition is provided by Friends of the Museum of Art and the Washington Art Consortium.