RENTON – An outbreak of salmonella in tomatoes and spinach takes food off the grocery shelves.
Avian flu in chickens and BSE in cattle result in the destruction of
millions of birds and cows.
A natural disaster shuts down electricity, and your refrigerator warms up. Is your food safe to eat?
A new series of podcasts from WSU Extension helps answer some of these questions.
Each “Food Safety in a Minute” podcast offers listeners a handy, easy-to-apply tip. The first in the series is available Wednesday, June 25.
Additional podcasts in the series will be posted each Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. Pacific time.
With 76 million Americans a year experiencing a food-borne illness, this is a series for almost everyone.
Simple practices like washing hands, keeping the kitchen clean and cooking foods properly are only the obvious first steps in keeping food safe.
Consumers tend to apply the a safe-food test by the “sight and smell test.” However, this method is not a reliable method of detecting food pathogens.
Spoilage micro-organisms don’t make us sick, pathogens do, but food containing pathogens such as E. coli or salmonella look and taste just fine.
The Food Safety in a Minute podcast series addresses a wide gamut of issues, including holiday food safety, packing school lunches to insure children are eating safe food, how long to store canned food, and many other topics.
Visit the Food Safety in a Minute Web page here, to download the first in the series.