Updates on employee benefit orientation

Prices for health and life insurance in 2005 can be viewed on Powerpoint training materials used for WSU Employee Benefit Orientation at http://www.wsu.edu/benefits. Click on Hot Topics, then Employee Benefits Orientation.

Orientation sessions in Pullman are planned 1-4 p.m. Feb. 9 and 24 in Lighty 405. Future dates can be found at the above website under Training. Copies of a taped orientation presentation are available at the Pullman Benefits office or from Karen Erp in Spokane, Tami Kelley at the Spokane Nursing location, Julie Nelson in Tri-Cities and Angie Currie in Vancouver.

FSA refunds must be requested

Flexible spending account claim forms with receipts attached must be submitted by March 30 for 2004 health related expenses. For more information, see http://www.fbmc-benefits.com, contact FBMC Customer Service by e-mail at webcustomerservice@fbmc-benefits.com or call 800-342-8017.

Contributions for 2005 went into effect on the Jan. 10 payday. Check the reduction line on your earnings statement via WebPBS to ensure the correct amount is withdrawn. Send an email with any questions to jmrauk@wsu.edu.


The Washington State Deferred Compensation Program (article in Jan. 7 WSU Today) website address is http://www.ws.gov/DRS/dcp, and the toll-free phone number is 888-327-5596. Employees looking for assistance in calculating the amount they can save for 2005 may contact Marie Weiss in Benefit Services at mweiss@wsu.edu.