WSU Today was overwhelmed by the response to its request for WSU faculty and staff who are editors, co-editors, associate or assistant editors of top-tier journals. Obviously, many at our university are involved in scholarly pursuits that reach far beyond the WSU campuses.

WSU Today received 12 pages of information with more than 125 names. And those likely aren’t all — there are probably some editors who did not hear of the request or didn’t have time to respond.

Because WSU Today cannot print all the information received, it is confining this list to just the editors, co-editors, associate or assistant editors. Reviewers, advisers and members of editorial boards or editorial review boards are not included. Nor are editors of books or monographs; nor are those who edit for intermittent issues or particular sections or topics.

Finally, past editors are not included, but only those currently in these positions.

We are grateful to all who responded, and we regret not being able to list everyone. Even with the more stringent qualifications, there are still at least 65 faculty/staff at WSU on our list. They are:

College of Business

Sung Ahn, associate editor, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation.
Stergios Fotopoulos, editor, Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry.

College of Sciences

Ken Nash, co-editor in chief, Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange; associate editor, Radiochimica Acta.
Hong-Ming Yin, associate editor, Communication in Pure and Applied Analysis.
Michael Allen, assistant editor, Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.
Andris Kleinhofs, associate editor, Breeding Science.
Eldon Franz, associate editor, Northwest Science.
Richard Gomulkiewicz and Michael Webster, associate editors, Evolution.
Gary Collins, associate editor, Hyperfine Interactions.
Larry Hufford, associate editor, International Journal of Plant Sciences.
Michael Tsatsomeros, associate editor, Linear Algebra and its Applications; associate managing editor, Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra.
Michael Webster, associate editor, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology.

College of Education

Ed Helmstetter, associate editor, Mental Retardation.
Darcy Miller and Tariq Akmal, co-editors, The Clearing House.
Tim Church, associate editor, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.
Arreed Barabasz, editor, International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis.

College of Engineering and Architecture

Stephen Antolovich, associate editor, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions; associate editor, Engineering Failure Analysis.
John B. Schneider and Shira L. Broschat, associate editors, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.
Dan Dolan, assistant editor, ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering.
Rollin Hotchkiss, associate editor, ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering.
Brian Lamb, associate editor, AMS, Journal of Applied Meteorology.
David E. Stock, editor, ASEE Journal of Laboratory-Oriented Studies.
M. Grant Norton, editor, Journal of Materials Science.
Hussein M. Zbib, associate editor, ASME Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology; associate editor, International Journal of Plasticity.

College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences

Travis Pratt, associate editor, Justice Quarterly.
Kim Kidwell, associate editor, Crop Science.
Tim Murray, editor in chief, Plant Health Progress.
Debra Inglis and Ken Eastwell, associate editors, Plant Disease.
Chang-Lin Xiao, associate editor, Phytopathology.
Rich Larsen, senior editor, Plant Disease.
Shiou Kuo, associate editor, Soil Science Society of America.
Markus Flury, associate editor, Vadose Zone Journal; associate editor, Journal of Environmental Quality.
Barry G. Swanson, editor, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation.
Linda Arthur, associate editor, Clothing and Textiles Research.
Ralph Cavalieri, editor in chief, Postharvest Biology and Technology.
Matt Carroll, associate editor, Society of Natural Resources.
Keith Diaz Moore, associate editor, Journal of Housing for the Elderly.
Joann Asher Thompson, editor, Journal of Interior Design.
Jave Pascual, associate editor, Technometrics.
Richard J. Alldredge, associate editor, Journal of Agriculture, Biological and Environmental Statistics.
Jan Dasgupta, associate editor, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation.
Jill McCluskey, associate editor, American Journal of Agricultural Economics.
Joe Yenish, associate editor, Agronomy Journal.
Carol Sheppard, co-editor, American Entomologist.
W. Steve Sheppard, U.S. editor, Apidologie.

College of Liberal Arts

Amy Wharton, editor, Social Problems.
Clay Mosher, Nella Van Dyke and Lisa Catanzarite, associate editors, Social Problems.
E. Lincoln James, editor, Western Journal of Black Studies.
Albert Vonfrank, editor, ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance.
Leonard Orr, editor, International Review of Modernism.
Alex Hammond, editor, Poe Studies/Dark Romanticism.
Michael Delahoyde and Sabine Davis, co-editors, Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature.
Heather Streets, co-editor, World History Connected: The E Journal of Learning and Teaching.
Andrew Appleton, editor, French Politics.

College of Pharmacy

Danial Baker, editor, and Terri Levien, assistant editor, Advances in Pharmacy.

WSU Extension

Ole T. Helgerson, associate editor, Western Journal of Applied Forestry.