Ask Dr. Universe: Why is ripe fruit sweet?

WENATCHEE, Wash. – My friend Kate Evans said the answer really depends on whether you want the perspective of a person, a plant or even a cat. Evans is a plant scientist at Washington State University in Wenatchee, where she investigates fruit in the Apple Capital of the World.

Pharmacy students help diabetic kids just be kids

By Matthew Haugen, WSU News Service       RATHDRUM – Check blood sugar, eat food, give insulin, repeat.   Doing this four times or more a day is common for people with diabetes. However, when you’re a young child, the reality of being the only person you know who has to do this can […]

Researchers seek to replace petroleum with sugar

As an energy source, fermented sugar is amazingly versatile: one form can liven up a party, another can propel a car. It might also form the basis for making disposable diapers, antifreeze and plastic pop bottles. In a drive for renewable, cost-effective technology, Northwest researchers are taking green chemistry into the future by studying how […]