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NIH grant focuses on cost effectiveness
April 8, 2009

PULLMAN – Just how successful and cost-effective are community-based, substance abuse prevention programs? It’s a question that plagues politicians and policy makers, especially in a time of shrinking resources and increasing demand for services.

Now, thanks to a two-year, $400,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health, researchers at WSU are working on a new way to assess the effectiveness of those programs in the real world. That tool, they say, could help save time and money.

“These statistical techniques could help us make better use of limited resources at the local, state and national level,” said professor Robert Rosenman, associate director of WSU’s … » More …

Widening salary gap may demand cuts
March 18, 2005

The Faculty Senate recently completed a faculty salary study, comparing Washington State University’s pay levels with those of 19 peer universities. The conclusion, said Robert Rosenman, professor of economics who chaired the study committee, is that WSU faculty are “horribly underpaid.”WSU President V. Lane Rawlins and Faculty Senate President Chuck Pezeshki agree.“We fell from about 13.5 percent behind peer institutions in 2000 to 16.5 percent behind peer institutions in 2003,” said Rosenman. “During the same period, the administration has been saying that faculty salaries are their primary concern.” With the governor and Legislature currently preparing their 2005-07 budget proposals (due to come out during the … » More …