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WSU partners to help communities prepare for wildfires
August 24, 2015

By Tara Roberts, University of Idaho communications, Wash. – More than 6,000 fires have burned more than 1 million acres in the Northwest in 2015, and experts predict severe wildfires in coming years.

Aug. 19-21: Students share life experiences on stage
August 11, 2015


By Steve Nakata, Administrative Services

PULLMAN, Wash. – Sixteen high school students from throughout central Washington will act out some of their most significant life experiences during Las Memorias 2015 at Washington State University.

Dispelling rumors, getting prepared
May 9, 2003

You’ve heard about it in Asia, in Toronto, spots in Europe and on both the east and west coast of the United States. It’s Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, better known as SARS, and it’s the latest epidemic on the planet, with approximately 6,500 reported cases and 460 deaths to its credit worldwide.Rapid spread of this disease is causing universities nationwide to take preventative measures. Washington State University has canceled several faculty-led summer programs to China and other infected nations listed by the U.S. Center for Disease Control. The university’s Health and Wellness Services has information available online, and the university’s Epidemic/Outbreak Planning Team began meeting … » More …