Researchers create superconductor from solvent

PULLMAN, Wash. – A study led by Washington State University researchers has turned a fairly common nonmetallic solvent into a superconductor capable of transmitting electrical current with none of the resistance seen in conventional conductors.   Yoo Dias “It is an important discovery that will attract a lot of attention from many scientific communities – […]

Job skills defined for fastest growing energy sector

OLYMPIA – To ensure that education and training in Washington’s community and technical colleges can keep pace with the skill needs of the fastest growing sector within the renewable energy industry in the U.S., the Power Generation Skill Standards — Wind Turbine Technician report is now available.   “Centralia College is honored to have supported the […]

Internship requirement reaps reward

Photo: Mary Wandschneider teaches a course on internships in the Department of Human Development. (Photo by Robert Hubner, WSU Photo Services). Graduates, excited about their major, might be forced to take a job outside their field of interest because that’s all they can find. It happens, but not so much in the Department of Human […]

Power Breakfast series in Seattle and Spokane

The Washington State University College of Business announced its 2006-2007 Power Breakfast lineup. Now in its third year, the series continues to inform, inspire and engage WSU alumni and regional business leaders on topics of entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership.The first Power Breakfast will be held during WSU Week in Seattle on Sep. 15, at The […]

Innovative Wells Fargo chief touts people, diversification

Wells Fargo Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Richard Kovacevich will be the guest speaker at the College of Business (CB) Power Breakfast 7:30-9 a.m. Thursday, April 13, at the Grand Hyatt Seattle. Reservations cost $25 and can be made online at http://events.wsu.edu/powerbreakfast. Kovacevich’s leadership “is integral to what has been described as ‘the best managed […]

Power outages: A few seconds down mean 24 hours of work

When a power outage hits the WSU campus, the challenge is a little more complex than an outage at your house. Okay, a l-o-t more complex, especially for the folks at Facilities Operations.Sure, the Oct. 18 power outage had students pouring out of labs and classrooms like a band of elementary school kids at recess. […]

NSF grant to support research of grid security

PULLMAN — A team of researchers from Washington State University’s College of Engineering and Architecture has been selected to play a major role in a National Science Foundation-sponsored research initiative intended to address the challenge of protecting the cybersecurity of the nation’s power grid. In an Aug. 15 announcement, WSU was named as one of […]

Power outages continue in preparation for energy plant

This week, during spring break, Facilities Operations is scheduling several power outages that will affect a wide number of buildings. Here’s a brief Q&A with Terry Ryan, Washington State University’s energy manager, explaining why, when and where the articles are occurring. Q: Why we’re having the outages? TR: The new Grimes Way Steam Plant (GWSP) […]

Regents eye energy plant plans

Two combustion turbines powered by natural gas will be the heartbeat of WSU’s electric generation system, if the Board of Regents gives its approval May 10 for a new university power plant. The proposal calls for a 28-megawatt combined heat-and-power production system to be built on east Grimes Way at Olympia Ave., below Jewett Observatory. […]