Grimes Way Playfield nearing completion

    Photos and article by Robert Frank, WSU Today     Related 07-15-10, WSU Today – Green space created around Grimes Playfield 02-09-2010, WSU Today – Recreational playfield project up for comment WSU Today – Returfing Martin Stadium Capital Planning and Development – Recreational playfield improvement project About Field Turf How the Field Turf […]

Engaging students, changing the world

Photo: Willie Heggins, top, with children on playground equipment his classs purchased and installed (Photo by Robert Hubner, WSU Photo Services).   A leadership studies minor, revived in 2006, has developed such allegiance that students are working to create an endowed scholarship for it. The program was created in 1994 at the College of Education, […]

Students build leadership skills and a playground

Willie Heggins at Bellevue Apartment playground PULLMAN — Bees nested in it, a couple of boards were missing, and the slide was dangerously high off the ground. Still, the old wooden playground equipment was all that kids in the Bellevue Apartments had until this summer. Now, they giggle and glide on a safe plastic playground […]

Leadership class, citizens build local playground

(Photo:Willie Heggins, WSU, Shannon Gaines,Community Action Center, and Gary Hyde of Pullman Rotary look over plans for playground.) Construction of a playground for residents of the Bellevue Apartment Complex  is taking place Thursday through Saturday this week. The effort has been organized by Willie J. Heggins, assistant professor in the WSU College of Education. Students […]

WSU recycling leads to new Children’s Center playground

Washington State University Recycling will open the newly constructed Nike Grind playground at the WSU Children’s Center on April 22. The field-turf-material construction project was funded through a combined grant from Nike Inc. and the National Recycling Coalition. In 2002, WSU collected than 5,500 pairs of shoes to donate to Nike for its Reuse-a-Shoe Program. […]