Human tissue, data study eyes nuclear impact

  RICHLAND – Tucked away in a metal-sided warehouse at the Richland Airport, WSU researchers sift through years, even decades, of data files and human tissue samples in an attempt to track how previous nuclear workers were affected by plutonium, uranium and other nuclear-industry related elements.   The project is called “The United States Transuranium […]

Status of nuclear industry topic of seminar

RICHLAND — The worldwide energy future, along with energy issues related to population growth and economic expansion, will be discussed Sept. 18 at WSU Tri-Cities.   The nuclear-related engineering professional development seminar will be presented by Roger S. Reynolds, a nuclear engineer and adjunct professor in the Mechanical Engineering Program at WSU Tri-Cities.   The […]

Event to focus on advances in nuclear detection, security

SEATTLE – As an international leader in nuclear science and radiochemistry education, WSU is responding to our society’s most pressing nuclear concerns and preparing the next generation of scientists and professionals to meet our future energy and security needs. A professor in the WSU Department of Chemistry, Sue Clark leads a team of radio-analytical chemists […]

Nuclear reactor fuel conversion completed

PULLMAN – WSU’s TRIGA-type research nuclear reactor was converted this week from high-enriched uranium (HEU) nuclear fuel to low-enriched uranium (LEU) fuel. The conversion is the result of a cooperative effort between the United States National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and WSU. As part of its nuclear nonproliferation mission, NNSA provides support to convert research […]

Book helps public navigate issues

PULLMAN – Nuclear power, weapons, and waste disposal remain a topic rife with controversy. Cleanup will require a Herculean effort, along with massive funding. Accidents continue, promises remain unfulfilled, and Washington State regulators may file a lawsuit against the federal government.   The sobering legacy encompasses 3750 square miles of land involved in the U.S. […]

Nuclear power plants topic of seminar

RICHLAND – The “Economics, Environment, and Security for Nuclear Power Plants” is the topic for a professional development seminar at noon Friday (Feb. 29) at Washington State University Tri-Cities.   The lunch-hour seminar is in the West Building, Room 210, at 2710 University Drive, Richland. Admission is free and open to the public.   Friday’s […]