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Institute promotes nuclear science research, collaboration
October 24, 2016

By Will Ferguson, College of Arts & Sciences

Aurora-ClarkPULLMAN, Wash. – The new Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INST) will bring together diverse scientists and researchers at Washington State University to address global challenges in security, human health, energy and environmental quality.

Nuclear radiation center open to view
February 15, 2008

It was quiet except for the erratic beeping of small beige Geiger detectors as Donald Wall led us down narrow white hallways to the 25-foot-deep concrete pool that houses the WSU nuclear fission reactor.


With the uranium glowing light blue at the bottom of the pool, the heated distilled water looked as peaceful and inviting as a tropical lagoon.


“We have a key to turn it on,” said a nonchalant Wall, director of the WSU Nuclear Radiation Center (NRC).


So much for nuclear trepidation. After a tour, people come away … » More …