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College hosts open house
April 16, 2007

The College of Engineering and Architecture will host an open house April 19 and 20. Events include School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Student Day, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Extravaganza, student posters, presentations, displays, and a barbecue.

WSU scientists perfecting mechanical harvest of cherries
August 30, 2006

PROSSER, Wash. — Rich, velvet-red, fresh sweet cherries are in high demand, and so are skilled laborers to harvest the highly perishable crop. However, labor shortages and labor costs may soon be a thing of the past for Northwest cherry producers, if consumers will accept their fresh cherries free of stems. In a project funded by Washington State University’s International Marketing Program for Agricultural Commodities and Trade Center, scientists here are perfecting a mechanical alternative to hand-picking fresh sweet cherries. Cherries are the most labor intensive fruit crop and one of the fastest growing fresh fruit exports in the Northwest. According to Matt Whiting, a … » More …

Engineers test skills in off-road competition
November 1, 2002

They designed a machine to pass tests that evaluate maneuverability, rock and hill climbing, acceleration and long-term endurance. They also have to design a marketing strategy and prepare a cost report for mass production. Then they have to travel to a competition, mostly at their own expense, which they sometimes mitigate by camping out along the way. And if that weren’t enough, they get no college credit for all the engineering work they do.An adult version of WSU’s summer camp, Robots on the Palouse? Nope, it’s the campus chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers, known as the Mini Baja Team, working on an off-road … » More …