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WSU News infection

Researchers develop antibiotic alternative to treat infections

By Tina Hilding, Voiland College of Engineering & Architecture

PULLMAN, Wash.—Washington State University researchers for the first time have discovered how electrical stimulation works for the treatment of bacterial infections, paving the way for a viable alternative to medicinal antibiotics. » More …

Number of cases doubles; state supplies arriving



Swine flu (H1N1) cases have doubled in the United States since May 1, from 141 confirmed cases to 286, with one death. Although there are 35 suspected cases of swine flu in Washington state, there are still none that have been “laboratory confirmed.” 


One case was confirmed today in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


During the past several days, truckloads of medication (Relenza® and Tamiflu®) and other medical supplies ( masks, gowns, and other medical supplies) have arrived in numerous locations throughout Washington state, according to the Washington state
Department of Health

.  … » More …