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Fellowship awarded to CVM graduate students
March 30, 2009

2008 CVM Poncin Scholarship awardees and their mentors met with Bank of America Poncin trustees during the annual “meet and greet” luncheon March 24th in Bustad Hall.

The annual fellowship, which will be $22,887.40 for 2009, was awarded to five CVM graduate students engaged in medical research at WSU.

Pictured (L to R):  Front Row – Cindy Keyser (Bank of America Poncin Trustee), Fellows: Huan Zhao, Jennie Schei, Deborah Duricka, Dr.Seth Harris, and Dr. Sandra Taylor.  Back Row: Kevin Paulson (Bank of America), Mentors: Dr. Dave Rector, Dr. Mike Varnum, Dr. Steve Simasko, and Dr. Bob … » More …

Liberal Arts and Sciences announce new leaders
October 6, 2008

New leaders announced recently at the College of Liberal Arts include:


Paul Whitney, interim dean. He has been associate dean for research at the college for three years and was chair of psychology before that.


Cornell W. Clayton, director of the Foley Institute for Public Policy and Public Service. He is the Claudius O. Johnson Distinguished Professor of Political Science and has been on WSU faculty since 1992.


Laurilyn J. Harris, chair of theater and dance. She was named director of the theater program in 2001.


Thomas J. Whitacre, acting director of the general studies program. He … » More …