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WSU News Guatemala

Beetles and a cup of joe: Insects boost fair trade coffee sales

By Rebecca Phillips, University Communications science writer

PULLMAN, Wash. – When java giants like Starbucks seek out the finest fair trade coffee beans in Guatemala, insects can make all the difference. » More …

Service trip brings home global realities for student

Chortling children peered through the barred windows of their one-room schoolhouse and into the makeshift clinic. They stood captivated by a group of WSU volunteers supplying free medical and dental services to villagers in remote regions of Zacapa, Guatemala.


Amid the organized chaos inside, I led 9-year-old Lucía, dental patient No. 34 that day, through the sweltering 90-degree room and to an empty wooden desk. I had just finished asking the bubbly child her name, age and where her mouth hurt when another volunteer dentist summoned me to translate for him.


I had quickly realized that the scarcity of Spanish-speakers on this … » More …