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Iron blood levels in Guatemala improve with WSU project
May 23, 2017

Iron Fish By  Garrett R. Kalt , Murrow College, backpack journalist

ZACAPA, Guatemala – Washington State University students and faculty recently returned from a 10-day volunteer effort to help assess whether a health project designed to increase iron levels in the blood of rural Guatemalan people has been successful.

Service trip brings home global realities for student
May 2, 2011

Chortling children peered through the barred windows of their one-room schoolhouse and into the makeshift clinic. They stood captivated by a group of WSU volunteers supplying free medical and dental services to villagers in remote regions of Zacapa, Guatemala.


Amid the organized chaos inside, I led 9-year-old Lucía, dental patient No. 34 that day, through the sweltering 90-degree room and to an empty wooden desk. I had just finished asking the bubbly child her name, age and where her mouth hurt when another volunteer dentist summoned me to translate for him.


I had quickly realized that the scarcity of Spanish-speakers on this … » More …