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Palouse Ridge Clubhouse preview
March 5, 2008


The Palouse Ridge Golf Course clubhouse is well on its way to being finished, with the framework and roof already installed.


Project Manager Terry Baxter-Potter, Capital Planning and Development, explains that the clubhouse is more than just your basic golf course hut. To hear Potter’s comments and see photos of the construction and course site, click on the following link.


As an architect himself, Baxter-Potter worked with Design West Architects to finish the building plans and get the project on its way.  The overall development started in October 2007 with a budget of $4 million.  Construction of the clubhouse is … » More …

Designer sees course as dramatic, diverse
March 2, 2007

Tee times won’t be available until late summer 2008, but the rough contours of all 18 holes at WSU’s new Palouse Ridge Golf Course are clearly visible and the “shaping” is in progress.According to course architect John Harbottle III, it is proving to be an intriguing, dramatic course. “I really liked the opportunity we had to create diversity with the character and length of holes,” Harbottle said. For instance, the course includes a par 3 hole that is 140 yards, and another par 3 that is 240 yards.“You’ll be able to use every club in the bag,” he said, and laughed. Harbottle, whose offices are … » More …