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Poovaiah to receive Eminent Faculty Award
March 10, 2016

B.W.-PoovaiahPULLMAN, Wash. – B.W. (Joe) Poovaiah will receive the 2016 Washington State University Eminent Faculty Award during the Celebrating Excellence Recognition Banquet on Friday, March 25, part of WSU’s annual Showcase celebration of faculty, staff and student excellence.

Fruits of plantresearch for 35 yr
March 27, 2008

Regents Professor


Horticulture Professor B.W. “Joe” Poovaiah gained international prominence for his pioneering research on calcium/calmodulin-modulated signaling in plants that he initiated when he began his career as a WSU faculty member in 1975.


Over the years, his research has attracted millions of dollars of outside funding from various granting agencies. Along with his research accomplishments, his exemplary teaching and mentoring helped him achieve his new title of Regents Professor.


When Poovaiah started his research virtually nothing was known about the calcium messenger system in plants. “Before … » More …