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Automated drones could scare birds off agricultural fields

A WSU team has designed a system that uses automated drones to deter pest birds, like European starlings or crows, that cost growers millions of dollars a year in stolen or ruined fruit.

Study finds elk hoof disease may affect antlers

A disease in elk that causes deformed hooves and eventually leads to lameness and death is also associated with abnormal, asymmetrical antlers, a WSU‑led study of hunter reports found.

Some nomadic birds look for social cues to stop migrating

A study of nomadic pine siskins, a type of finch often seen on backyard feeders, found that when male migratory siskins were paired with a settled male bird in captivity, they started exhibiting signs of ending migration too.

Hydrogen production method opens up clean fuel possibilities

A new energy-efficient way of producing hydrogen gas from ethanol and water has the potential to make clean hydrogen fuel a more viable alternative to gasoline for powering cars.